Aired: June 15, 2021

Our Top Ten Tips from Ten Extraordinary Episodes

Whether you’re brand new to listening, or have been here since the beginning, you don’t have to search for the best nuggets of information…

because they’re all in this episode, hand selected for you!

In this episode of The Higher Ed Marketer, Troy Singer, Senior Account Executive at Think Patented, summarizes the 10 most useful moments on the show so far.

Featured on this episode:

– Juerell Smith on Marketing Alignment Leading Data Insights

– JP Spagnolo’s 2 Core Elements of Marketing

– Suzanne Petruch on The Power of Subtle Reminders

– Peter Ashley on Why You Should Invest in Video

– Colleen Garland & Janet Marsden on Managing Donors at Every Level

– Colleen Garland & Janet Marsden on Shifting Your Video Strategy to Fit Your Message

– Dan Freeborn on Getting Started as a Higher Ed Marketer

– Julie Balog on Strategies for Segmented Messaging

– Christy Jackson on Crisis Communication

– Kristi LaFree on Butler University’s Unique Approach to Direct Mail

Know of a higher education marketing change agent you’d like to hear on the show? Does your university have an interesting story to be featured? Connect with Bart Caylor or Troy Singer. If you’re not on LinkedIn, check the Caylor Solutions or Think Patented websites instead!
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