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AI: Your Collaborative
Marketing Partner

AI: Your Collaborative Marketing Partner. This one-day virtual summit will focus on new and powerful AI tools that have the capability to streamline your processes and increase productivity.

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Where it Started.

The seed of the AI Summit started in June 2023.

This video was recorded June 1, 2023 at the Time Higher Ed/Inside Higher Ed HashtagHigherEdUS 2023 Conference in the Jack Morton Auditorium, George Washington University, Washington D.C. Bart Caylor, Raffi DerSimonian and Gil Appel had been asked to speak on how ChatGPT could be used in higher education marketing.

This summit is the next chapter.

Ready to Get Back 10-15 Hours per Week?

Unlock the potential to reclaim 10-15 hours weekly with AI at our summit! Explore how AI tools like ChatGPT and prompt engineering can streamline processes and reduce manual tasks, allowing you more time to innovate in higher education marketing. Dive into efficient content creation and optimize communications, turning every saved hour into an opportunity for impact. Join us and harness AI to elevate your strategies and free up your valuable time!

Give Your Team an “Iron Man Suit”

Empower your team with technology that amplifies their capabilities and transforms the way they work! As Gil Appel aptly puts it, “[ChatGPT] is more like an Ironman suit than a superpower. It’s something that you put on and enhances what you can do. You can be faster, stronger, and better.” At our AI summit, we reveal how ChatGPT and other AI tools act as this “Iron Man Suit” for your marketing team. Learn how to harness these tools to elevate efficiency, streamline workflows, and unleash your team’s full potential. Discover strategies that enable you to be more agile, innovative, and impactful in the competitive landscape of higher education marketing. Equip your team with the technology they need to be faster, stronger, and better!

Level Up Your Skills

Step into a world where your skills are not just honed, but exponentially enhanced! Our AI: Your Collaborative Marketing Partner summit is a treasure trove of knowledge, offering hands-on instruction on utilizing artificial intelligence tools like ChatGPT and Claude AI to their maximum potential. Whether you’re delving into the basics of MidJourney and other visual tools, or exploring innovative applications of AI for email communications and Comm Flows, there’s a wealth of practical insights to be gained. The strategies and “how-tos” shared by experienced higher ed marketers will empower you to apply AI in ways that are directly relevant and immensely beneficial to your daily work. Elevate your marketing efforts by mastering new, practical skills that will set you and your institution apart in the ever-evolving higher education landscape!

AI Summit:


AI: Your Collaborative Marketing Partner

Our speakers will share how they have introduced AI technologies into their workflows and embraced this technology as a collaborative partner. They’ll share valuable insights, engaging “how-tos” and provide strategies for using AI as a support tool in conjunction with established best practices and processes within your higher ed marketing department and beyond. 

TROY SINGER - Your Host for the Day

TROY SINGER - Your Host for the Day

The Higher Ed Marketer & Ring Digital | Co-host of The Higher Ed Marketer Podcast

Intro to AI: A Roundtable Discussion

Bart Caylor

Bart Caylor

Caylor Solutions & The Higher Ed Marketer I Founder, President & Co-host of The Higher Ed Marketer Podcast

Intro to AI: A Roundtable Discussion

Raffi DerSimonian

Raffi DerSimonian

ERI Design | VP & Chief Strategy Officer

Intro to AI: A Roundtable Discussion

Gil Appel

Gil Appel

The George Washington University School of Business | Assistant Professor of Marketing

Intro to AI: A Roundtable Discussion

JaiMe Hunt

JaiMe Hunt

Old Dominion University | Chief Marketing Officer

Using AI for Administrative Functions

Jules White

Jules White

Vanderbilt University | Associate Dean of Strategic Learning Programs

Intro to Prompt Engineering

Brian Piper

Brian Piper

University of Rochester | Director of Content Strategy and Assessment

Integrating AI into your Content Creation

Ardis Kadiu

Ardis Kadiu

Element 451 | Chief Executive Officer

Power Emails with AI: Crafting Campaigns with AI

Austin Marshall

Austin Marshall

AI Bible | Graphic Designer

Using AI for Dynamic Imagery and Powerful Visuals

Kyle Campbell

Kyle Campbell

The Education Marketer | Founder

Riding the Exponential: How to Think About AI Without Losing Your Mind

AI Summit:


Session 1
Intro to AI: A Roundtable Discussion with Bart Caylor, Troy Singer, Raffi DerSimonian, and Gil Appel
Session 2
Intro to Prompt Engineering with Jules White
Session 3
Integrating AI into your Content Creation with Brian Piper 
Session 4
Using AI for Administrative Functions with Jaime Hunt


Session 5
Power Emails with AI: Crafting Campaigns with AI with Ardis Kadiu


Session 6
Using AI for Dynamic Imagery and Powerful Visuals with Austin Marshall


Session 7
Riding the Exponential: How to Think About AI Without Losing Your Mind with Kyle Campbell


Session 8
Closing Thoughts: What’s Next with AI and Higher Ed Marketing with Bart Caylor and Troy Singer


AI Summit:


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Interested in becoming a sponsor? We’d love to have your support for our first ever virtual summit. Your sponsorship will offer a variety of exposure to our attendees from logo appearance on pre-summit emails to a dedicated Podcast episode (depending on your level of sponsorship). Contact us now to learn more about our Sponsorship Levels.



AI Summit:


Who should attend?

CMOs, Directors of Marketing, Directors of Enrollment, Your Team. The AI Summit is for anyone wanting practical expert advice that will immediately help you leverage AI for Higher Ed Marketing.

Is the AI Summit an in-person event or an online event?

The AI Summit is an online event only. You will receive a private link to the event once you purchase your ticket.

What is the schedule for the AI Summit?

We will start promptly at 9 am EST on Oct 24th and conclude at 5 pm. You can find a detailed schedule above.

Do you have a group discount?

Yes, for teams of 5+ people, we offer a $50 discount per ticket. Email Jen Munsell at and Jen will follow up with you.

Can I become a sponsor for the AI Summit?

The Higher Ed Marketer loves to work with great companies focused on Higher Ed Marketing. For more information about becoming a sponsor of the AI Summit, email Zach at, and Zach would be glad to answer any questions.

Who will be speaking?
Check out the Speakers on this page to see our expert lineup. Each session is designed to give you practical, hands-on AI training and advice.
Does The Higher Ed Marketer offer additional training and help for me and my team regarding AI?

Yes! The Higher Ed Marketer offers an AI Summit Masterclass. This 6-week Masterclass has limited seats and is led by Bart Caylor. In the AI Summit Masterclass, Bart will give you and your team hands-on training on leveraging AI for your Higher Ed Marketing. Email Zach at for more information.

Do you need some additional help or have other questions?

The Higher Ed Marketer Team is here to serve. Please email Jen at, and Jen will be happy to help.