Aired: September 21, 2021

Authenticity: Aligning the Online Message w/ the On-Campus Feel

A university website is often families’ first look into the university itself. If you haven’t updated your website in three, six, or twelve months, then you aren’t being authentic online.

In this episode, we interview Donnell Wiggins , Associate VP for Strategic Enrollment Management & Dean of Admission at University of Dayton , about the importance of the website in communicating both authenticity and the truth that recruitment is everyone’s job.

Join us as we discuss:

– The continued importance of a four-year college experience

– Why the website matters to families so much

– Updating academic program pages to aid in recruitment

– How every staff and faculty member is a recruiter

– Diversity, inclusion, and equity as indicators of excellence

Check out this resource we mentioned:

Donnell’s TEDxDaytonSalon Talk, “Yes You Can” 

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