Aired: September 28, 2021

Small University Presidents: Build Your Social Media Presence

Big universities have the luxury of spending $1M per year only on advertising. For smaller universities, that’s close to a tenth of our entire operating budget.

But all universities have the exact same access to social media platforms. When a university president starts amplifying stories about the institution, think of it as free advertising that works.

In this episode, we interview Walter M. Kimbrough , President at Dillard University, about how he cre ated a personal social media presence to promote his university.

Join us as we discuss:

– Techniques that President Kimbrough used to build his online persona

– How social media attracted Denzel Washington for the nation’s second most watched commencement address

– What audiences that different social media platforms are good at reaching

– Advice for university presidents who might fear social media

Check out these resources we mentioned during the podcast:

Denzel Washington’s commencement speech 

The AP report on Dillard’s physics graduates 

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