Aired: July 5, 2022

Greater Engagement in Higher Ed Through Virtual Events

Since the pandemic began, we have had to adapt to a new online environment, but platforms like Zoom and Microsoft teams aren’t giving us the human touch that we need. Remo is an interactive virtual event platform that empowers users to create natural interactions in online settings. 

Hoyin Cheung is the Founder and CEO of and is on a quest to humanize the virtual experience. In today’s conversation, Hoyin talks about how Remo’s immersive environment has found a way to increase engagement and create better experiences for online Higher Education events.  

Join us as we discuss:

How Remo works and how it differentiates from a platform like Zoom or Microsoft Teams. 
How Remo is utilized in Higher Education and how it increases engagement between faculty, students, and alumni. 
The challenges of Hybrid events and Remo’s plans to overcome them. 

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