Aired: May 25, 2021

Dog Tours & Tik-Tok Sessions: Getting Creative with College Tours

COVID has hit higher education recruiting hard. People have spent so much time on Zoom calls that colleges and universities are having to get far more creative than just hosting a Zoom webinar in place of a college tour.

Pair that with the reduced travel for recruitment, ACT and SAT cancellations, and hesitancy to travel to institutions, it’s made building that admissions funnel incredibly difficult.

Which is why our conversation on this episode of The Higher Ed Marketer was so much fun. Collin Palmer is the Direct of Undergraduate Admissions at the University of Toledo, and our conversation centered all around:

– How they’ve gotten creative around campus tours, instituting nighttime and dog-specific tours

– How they’ve kept the community involved in the admissions process

– Why they’re relying to behavioral data from more than traditional freshmen

– The different ways they’ve had to think outside of the box to maintain that admissions funnel

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