Aired: March 29, 2022

Bridging the Gap Between Higher Ed & High Schools in Disadvantaged Areas

College access is an issue in this country. 

Many potential students simply don’t believe higher education is within reach.  

It’s this inaccessibility and the lack of awareness of educational opportunities that is one of the leading causes of the declining perception of the value of higher ed. 

Sujoy Roy, CEO of VisitDays, is aiming to change that. In this episode, he discusses how his platform strives to bridge the divide between higher education and high schools in more disadvantaged areas of the country. 

We discuss:

The problem of limited access to higher ed for lower socioeconomic populations
What the team at VisitDays is doing to help overcome the problem
The benefits of the platform for colleges and universities
Where the future of higher ed is going 

Mentioned during the show:

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