Aired: August 16, 2022

Best Practices for PPC in Higher Ed Marketing

Many higher ed marketers think that paid media and PPC (Pay Per Click) ads are the answer to their problems, but most fail to realize that this is a long incubation process, and often, decisions won’t be made from one ad. Our job as marketers is to create curiosity with our campaigns, and our guest today shows us how to do it.

Today we talk with Matt Wszolek, the Senior Executive of Marketing & Media at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Matt runs the internal agency of the University of Illinois that helps with paid media. In our conversation with Matt, he unpacks the best practices and offers insights on how higher ed marketers can push the envelope forward with paid media.

Join us as we discuss:

The biggest mistake that people make when using paid advertising.
Identifying goals and objectives for future ad campaigns.
Creating curiosity with your ad campaigns.

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